In Loving Memory of
Melissa Joy Sandstrom
January 5, 1979~~ March 9, 1995

Angel Gram,
Heavens Angels embrace you with our love
and prayers today as your remember
your granddaughter.

I remember the times of laughter,
I remember the times of tears.
These are the precious memories
My heart will hold so dear.

Gone are the days of sickness,
Gone is the pain and fear.
You are with your blessed Saviour now
For all the coming years.

You are walking streets of Gold
And communing hand in hand.
You home is now in Heaven,
That blessed promised land.

So I'll dry my eyes and praise the Lord
For the plan that He has made
That takes us from this world of pain
And brings a brighter day.

I will cry when my heart needs to
But I'll let laughter come again
And I know that I'll be with You
When God fulfills His plan.


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