Our life is like a song we write
In our own tone and key,
Each life we touch reflects a note
That forms a melody.
We choose the theme and chorus
Of the song to bear our name,
And each will have a special sound
No two can be the same.
When someone that we love departs
In memory we find,
Their song plays on within the hearts
Of those they leave behind.
Dearest Melissa,
Your song on earth is ended
Your voice stilled for all eternity,
But in the hearts of those you left
Your Memory will forever be!
Your music warmed our hearts
For 16 wonderful years,
Now only silence for the past 15
The only sound... our tears.
One day we'll be together
In joy we'll meet again,
The silence will be ended
Our songs will then begin.
With love forever,
Your devoted Gram
Sadly missed and forever loved
Family and Friends

This Midi is:  "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

<BGSOUND src="http://angelstouch16.com//melissa15/" loop=true>