In dealing with my grief, I have met many people on the internet who have touched my heart in various ways. Many have become fast friends...and I can't imagine life without them in it.

One such beautiful lady is Ann. She and I have talked at length about 'our girls'.... Melissa and Laura. Our faith is such that we KNOW we will be reunited one day... when the time is right.

In the meantime, we spend our 'retired days' creating graphics for you to use on your websites, emails, etc. In doing so, we feel closer to our girls and closer to God...Who is helping us heal.

We have created two web sites to share our creations with you.

Ann's creative and beautiful graphics and my alphas are yours for the asking. We only have a few conditions that you MUST abide by:

1. NO sites that use unsavory language, themes, or are UNchristian-like will be tolerated. Our graphics honor our girls and God...and must be treated accordingly.

2. You must let us know what you have chosen , then email us with the name/number of that choice. After we have sent your graphics/alphas... please email us with your url so that we may visit to see how our graphics are being used.

3. We will list the sites that carry our creations so that others may see them in use. Thus bringing visitors to your site also.

4. You may request special alphas or personalized graphics, and we will try to honor all requests.

You may enter each site by using the urls that follow:

Angel Arts

Angel Alphas

Our email is:


Let us know what you think of our new venture!

Ann & Cuppy