When the words "School Spirit" and "Teamwork" are mentioned, automatically comes to mind the thoughts of Football, Basketball or some other activity offered through the school. What North Penn High School did for their students on Thursday, went above and beyond the call of duty.  In every corner throughout the school there was teamwork, spirit, and support lines available. 

When North Penn High School heard about the death of Melissa Sandstrom, a tenth grader at their school, a Crisis Center was immediately formed to deal with the overwhelming emotions and fears that the students may experience.   The Crisis Center set up at the school consisted of people from Human Services Agency in Wellsboro, Guidance Counselors, Students, Faculty and Local Clergy.  The majority of the questions asked by students centered around the disease itself.  Asthma, combined with pneumonia.  There were questions of: "Will this happen to me?"...also..."I had the same thing last summer and had to be hospitalized, but I pulled through it, why didn't she?"  There was even the question of "Why her, Why couldn't it have been me?"  Mr. Albert Lindner (Principal at North Penn) said the biggest impression left on him through out the day, was the overwhelming support of students helping students.  He said, "They really were there for one another."  

When asked what kind of student this young girl was, Mr. Lindner's response was, "She was the kind of student you would want in every classroom of every school.  She was a very solid student."  

Melissa will be sadly missed by many, but thanks to the compassionate and quick response of North Penn High School, students were able to find some comfort amongst the tragedy.  

(This article appeared in our local paper along with her obituary)  

To Melissa's classmates and friends:

 Even  though you  have gone on with your careers, marriage, raising children or whatever your choices were.... you still lovingly remember the girl who left you 15 years ago. You can never know how much this touches the hearts of her parents, sister, and grandparents. To hear you reminisce and tell stories of your connections to her truly means the world to us. To know that some of you still visit her gravesite often,  is proof that she is not forgotten.

May God richly bless you all!!
Please know that Melissa watches over you from her Heavenly Home. 

With sincere and humble thanks,
Melissa's devoted Gram








(Melissa's favorite hymn)